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Quality Services at Affordable Rates

It can be quite a chore trying to find city movers you can trust, especially ones that offer inexpensive rates. Not to mention, there are shady movers out there that will entice you with the cheapest prices, just to turn around and add fees later.

With Cheap Movers Minneapolis, you don’t have to deal with uncertainty and scams. We work with reputable moving companies that offer competitive pricing and quality services. From studio apartment moves to corporate relocations, we pair you with outstanding moving services that won’t empty your wallet.


Tailored Moving Services for a Stellar Experience

Every move, big or small, has its own unique set of challenges and logistics.

In need of a reputable city moving company for a cross-country relocation? Or just looking for a crating service for your valuables? In any event, you may feel that hiring the right professionals is either too much work or won’t fit your budget. This doesn’t have to be the case. We connect you with top moving services that fit your unique needs.


Pro Movers, Equipment, and Expertise

If you want to get something done right the first time, it takes the proper tools and know-how.

Same thing goes for moving. Why entrust your prized possessions with movers you’re not quite sure about? Our local moving partners provide only quality trucks, equipment and moving specialists to make your relocation a breeze. Sit back while your move is handled safely and efficiently.


Vetted, Licensed, and Insured Moving Specialists

Like many things in life, not all moving companies are alike.

Some offer highly trained crews and quality services at cheaper rates. Others, not so much. We take the guesswork out of selecting quality moving services from dependable companies. Through our vetting process, every moving partner in our network is qualified, dependable, and ready to make your next move a successful one.


Easy Moving for a Fresh Start

Let’s face it, moving can be hard. You may be relocating to a completely different city or state, anxious about this new chapter in your life. The last thing you need is more stress right now.

Instead of having to micromanage every little detail, Cheap Movers Minneapolis can help you source a moving company to take the load off your shoulders. This way, you can put energy into what really matters to you during your move.

Top Moving Tips to Kickstart Your Relocation

Planning a move does not have to feel extremely stressful and daunting. When you prepare for an upcoming move keeping a few tips in mind, kickstart the process of reaching your new destination without all the hassles that are most commonly associated with moving.


Gather Boxes and Moving Supplies

When you are planning to move to a new home, it is important to gather all of the boxes and moving supplies you need ahead of time. Moving supplies such as packing tape, permanent markers, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and even plastic wrap is extremely beneficial when you begin packing. Ensure you have an adequate amount of supplies before you begin packing away your items and labeling boxes in your home.


Order boxes in bulk online or visit local stores and gas stations that frequently dispose of boxes that are no longer needed. Ask friends and family members for assistance with moving boxes or post in local online groups to determine the best location near you to obtain the boxes you require.


Label Boxes as You Pack

Before you begin packing items in your moving boxes, consider their destination and the type of belongings you are placing in each box. Label boxes individually with an overview of contents as well as where each box belongs once you arrive at your new home. Labeling boxes, while you are in the process of packing, helps to smooth the transition of the move while allowing you to unpack much faster once you arrive.


Research Professional Local Moving Companies

Choosing a professional local moving company is highly recommended when you want to minimize the stress of moving. Professional moving companies work quickly, efficiently, and professionally to guarantee your satisfaction while getting the job done right. Before choosing a moving company that is right for the job, there are a few tips to consider. Some of the most important factors to keep in mind when you begin researching local moving companies near you include:


  • Licensing & Insurance: Verify a moving company you are interested in working with is licensed and insured. Licensed and insured moving companies protect your furniture and personal belongings in the case of an accident, breakage, or even theft. When you work with a moving company that is not insured or licensed, you run the risk of being held financially liable for any losses or damages you experience.
  • Reviews: Customer reviews are also extremely important to read before choosing a moving company to help you relocate. Reviews provide valuable insight into a company’s customer service and the type of service they provide altogether.
  • Experience: Consider the number of years a local moving company has been in business and the type of moving they are most familiar with while on the job.

Feeling prepared and ready to take on the challenge of moving helps to alleviate worries and stress while packing and transporting your furniture and personal belongings. With the right preparation in anticipation of your move, get to your new home and begin unpacking in less time and with more confidence.

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How to Pack a "First Night" Essentials Box

There is perhaps nothing more stressful and time-consuming than moving. And if you’re not careful to label every single box you pack, you can easily lose track of some the most essential items you will need that first night in your new place.


So, before you pack away everything before your big move, here are some great hints on what to pack into your essentials box!


What is a First Night Essentials Box Anyway?

Good question! Very simply, an essentials box is exactly what it sounds like: a box that has all those items you need to be comfortable on that first night you spend in your brand-new house or apartment.


Often, as you’re packing up your home, you more worried about protecting your belongings and not overlooking anything that you forget that you will need some things within easy reach those first couple of days and nights. Here are some things you should consider packing in your first night box:


Self-Care Items

How many times have you gotten up on the morning of a big trip, brushed your teeth, and then promptly forgotten to pack that toothbrush? A similar thing can happen on the day that you move. You pack up all your hygiene items and only to find that they get lost somewhere in the move, and you have no toothbrush that first night in your new house.


When you’re putting together your essentials box, include all the hygiene and personal care items you will need that night and the next morning. Think about including:


  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Toothpaste and a toothbrush
  • Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Medicine
  • A first aid kit
  • Toilet paper
  • Towels
  • And a shower curtain!

Snacks and Meals

It’s also important to remember that the refrigerator in your new place is going to be empty. While, of course, you can order food that night, you need to take into account that you’ll need some fuel during your move. Include some easy snacks, like granola bars, and some water to make sure that the whole family has a quick snack.


It’s also a good idea to include a small toaster oven or a regular toaster as well as a coffee machine so that you’ll be all set the next morning. Also, don’t forget cups and plates!


Household Items

Moving can messy, and your new place might not be as clean as you wanted it to be. You’ll want to be able to clean up any mess or dust quickly, so in your essentials box, you should include cleaning supplies as well as scissors, a flashlight, candles, garbage bags, and an all-purpose knife.


Make sure you’re not searching through a hundred boxes for your toothbrush or a fresh pair of underwear. With our helpful hints, you can make sure that your first night in your new place is as stress-free as it can be! A first-night essentials box can save you from feeling overwhelmed and annoyed when you first move in so that you can enjoy the new space that you get to call yours!