Whether moving to a new office or commercial space, a business relocation presents several challenges. From relocating employees to getting your equipment up and running as fast as possible – each step must be perfectly timed and executed. It’s a tall order to ask of anyone, and your business can experience setbacks if the moving logistics are not handled properly. By hiring office movers to proficiently handle your packing and relocation needs, you’ll be able focus on what matters: your business. Cheap Movers Minneapolis can connect you with quality office moving services tailored to your unique requirements and budget.

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Business Relocation Services In The Twin Cities

Our trusted network of moving partners excels at moving business of all sizes. Offering a wide variety of commercial moving and storage services, the moving companies we work with can accommodate any move, from local business expansion to out-of-state corporate relocations. Whether your company requires a la carte or full-service options, you’re covered with the following Minneapolis business relocation services:

Local Moves

Experiencing business growth in The Mini Apple? Or has your lease expired? Regardless of your circumstances, we can connect you with movers that cater to companies just like yours. Whether moving to downtown Minneapolis or closer to St. Paul, our vetted, licensed & insured local movers are very knowledgeable of local neighborhoods, reducing downtime and ensuring a successful relocation.

Long Distance Moves

Whether your company is moving out of state or relocating to Minneapolis, we can pair you with licensed and insured interstate moving specialists that fit your moving needs. Our network of highly experienced and qualified movers provides a seamless company relocation anywhere in the continental United States, from small businesses to corporate moves.


Regardless of how well your business move is planned, sometimes it’s not possible to relocate all your business assets in one go. Fortunately, it’s easy to find short-term commercial storage with Cheap Movers Minneapolis! Most moving companies in the Twin Cities also offer storage services, and we make it a breeze to pinpoint secure, quality storage. Let us help you get out of a pinch fast and enjoy a smooth transition into your new corporate headquarters or commercial space.

Specialty Moves

If you work in an industry like healthcare or IT, your business most likely relies on bulky, expensive, and sensitive equipment. When planning a relocation, you want to make sure your specialized gear arrives at your new premises in the same condition it left in. We can pair you with specialty movers that offer the right balance of skill and experience in relocating medical equipment, electronics, and more.

Corporate Relocations

Moving employees, whether in-state or cross-country, can be quite an ordeal. A corporate move involves complicated logistics, and if employee relocation isn’t executed properly, it can lead to business disruption and loss in productivity. Contact Cheap Movers Minneapolis if you’re in need of quality moving services for your employees. We help to ensure that your corporate relocation goes smoothly.

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Tips For A Successful Office Move

When relocating your office, it pays to be prepared. Business moving comes with challenging logistics beyond the scope of a typical residential move. These hurdles can include relocating current employees, bringing in new staff from out-of-state, and reducing downtime. These 10 tips will help make for an easier office move when dealing with an expiring lease, looking for a fresh start, or expanding your business.

1. Do Advanced Planning

Prepping is the key to any successful move, and offices are no exception. Create checklists, timelines and other productivity tools as soon as possible (4-6 months in advance, if possible).

2. Hire Movers Early

Plan to hire reputable office movers at least 1-3 months early. Most offices have a lot of equipment and furniture, so make sure whomever you go with is experienced and qualified in commercial moving. Ask for references from their previous clients just to be sure.

3. Label And Document Everything

If you want to enjoy a smooth transition with little downtime, know where everything is and properly label it all. Take photos, color code, mark/label packing boxes, and create inventory lists.

4. Purge Your Office

Your space has probably accumulated a lot of unnecessary items, especially if you’ve been at the same location for years. Donate or dispose of furniture, documents, and other disused items before you start packing the moving boxes.

5. Order New Office Equipment

While purging, you may realize you need some new office supplies. Order furniture and equipment in advance, preferably at least 1-3 months ahead of your move. Have these items delivered straight to your new address.

6. Time Your Logistics

When moving your business, try to schedule it for when things are slow. Provide timely notification to neighbors, clients, and employees. Make sure your movers have access to parking, loading docks, freight elevators and anything else to help speed up loading and unloading.

7. Give Employees And Clients A Buffer

Make sure to plan the last few days in your old office space without any major meetings or deadlines. No one wants to be scrambling around trying to meet unrealistic goals while the office equipment is being taken out of the building.

8. Purchase Insurance And Arrange Cleaning

If you don’t have insurance that covers your office move, you’ll want to jump on that. Once everything is packed and taken away, bring in a cleaning crew to bring your old space back to its former glory.

9. Prioritize Logical Moving

Arrange the order in which you move. For example, if you have an IT department, consider moving it first to ensure you are online on opening day.

10. Get Back To Business

Employees may find it hard to get into a work groove again. To combat this, ask your team to come in to the new office after your move. They can unpack their work items and get acclimated to the new location before you start things up again.

Instead of rushing, take your time and plan. This way, your company can make the best of this exciting time. When in need of business relocation services, contact Cheap Movers Minneapolis!

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