Are you in the middle of relocating, but your new home isn’t ready to move into yet? Need storage for your business inventory? Whatever your circumstances, you might be asking yourself one question: where am I supposed to stash all this stuff? Whether you’re in between places or dealing with excess merchandise, the added complication of finding somewhere to store your household or commercial goods can be a real headache. A great solution is going with a moving company. An all-in-one moving & storage company can make the whole process more seamless and affordable. Through Cheap Movers Minneapolis, it’s never been easier to find quality storage services in Minneapolis!

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Clean And Secure Storage In Minneapolis-St. Paul

Most moving companies provide both moving and storage services. Some have spacious warehouses while others operate self-storage units. When looking at your options, it’s always a good idea to consider the following:

  • Cleanliness: Take a tour of the facility to make sure it’s clean and well maintained. The last thing you want to discover in your storage unit is a rodent infestation and damaged valuables.
  • Security: Ask management what level of protection they offer. This can include a code to enter/exit, security gates, cameras, ample lighting, unit alarms, and on-site security.
  • Accessibility: A self-storage unit, as opposed to a warehouse, may be your best option if you require frequent access to your belongings.
  • Affordability: By hiring a single company to provide both moving and storage services, you can typically enjoy great rates while simplifying your move.
  • Selection: When going the self-storage route, remember to inquire about unit size and capacity options. A full-service moving company, on the other hand, will store your possessions in their warehouse.
  • Climate-Control: Minnesota winters are no joke. That’s why it’s important to find storage that offers climate protection. When dealing with art, furniture or other delicate goods, it should be stored in a space with consistent temperature and humidity levels.

Satisfy All Your Storage Needs Through Cheap Movers Minneapolis:

Residential Storage

Whether you’re moving the contents of a small apartment or large family household into storage, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much you can save through our network of reputable moving specialists.

Commercial Storage

Need to store inventory, equipment, and other business items? Choosing one of our moving partner’s storage units or warehouses can provide a convenient and secure option for your business needs.

Furniture Storage

Find storage with a high-quality HVAC system to ensure that your mattresses, couches, tables and other furnishings are protected from warping, mold, and wood rot.

Wine Storage

Temperatures in the Twin Cities typically fluctuate between 15 °F in winter and 74 °F in summer with high humidity. When looking to store your wine collection, we can locate a suitable storage service that maintains proper climate control.

Art Storage

Your prized paintings, pictures and other artwork can be seriously damaged by moisture and pests. Safeguard valued pieces by selecting a well-maintained and regulated storage space.

Document Storage

Tax returns, receipts, files and other important papers can really pile up over the years. Instead of letting them clutter up your new home, place them in a dry and secure storage facility.

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How To Effectively Pack Your Storage Unit

When moving, there may be several reasons you need to rent a storage unit. These include being between places, moving into a smaller home, or having important documents or valuables you’d rather place in safekeeping. In any event, it pays to pack your unit efficiently to save space and ensure that your belongings are not damaged.

Get Pallets And Plastic Wrap

You can purchase wooden pallets for cheap or grab some from a local store or business. These help to protect your possessions from flooding and spills. Before you start to unload your boxes, place pallets on the storage floor. As you fill the space, use industrial plastic wrap to protect furniture and other items from dust and pests. It can also help to secure moving blankets as well.

Create Inventory List

During the moving process, it helps to clearly label boxes. When it comes to storage, however, you’ll want to take a step further by keeping a list. By creating a detailed inventory of all your belongings and where they are in storage, you can more easily retrieve them later. Additionally, if something is damaged, you’ll have an accurate record for insurance claims.

Pack And Stack Efficiently

Make sure that every box is filled up. This will help to create better support and stability. One weak link can cause an entire row to buckle, significantly increasing the chances of breakage. When dealing with a half-filled box, you’ll want to fill it with packing material or even clothes to give it rigidity. When ready, neatly stack boxes. Try to use only two sizes of boxes for easier organization and stacking.

Get Creative With Your Storage

When it comes to storage units, particularly smaller ones, the name of the game is efficient use of space. Try using curtain rods to hang nice clothing. A wood pallet can also provide multiple ways to creatively store items. For example, you can stand one up to make a shelve to place stuff on. You can also use wooden pallets as makeshift racks for all kinds of cleaning supplies and yard tools including shovels, brooms, mops and more.

Purchase Insurance

The unexpected can strike at any time. Even if your valuables are being stored for only a short time, they are still susceptible. A renter’s insurance policy helps to compensate for losses if severe flooding, theft or fire occurs while your belongings are in storage. Ask your agent whether you’re properly covered, and if not, what your options are.

By taking the time to plan, you can optimize your storage unit. Making the extra effort to safely and thoughtfully store your valuables will go a long way, ensuring proper protection and savings with efficient use of space. If you don’t have the time or desire to pack your storage space, you can always hire a professional. Call Cheap Movers Minneapolis today to inquire about all-in-one moving and storage services.

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