Packing and unpacking can be a huge undertaking. You may not have the time or desire to prepare your household goods for your upcoming move. Besides that, it takes considerable effort to ensure that fragile items – artwork, fine furniture, collectibles, etc. – will survive the trip to your new home. How are you supposed to pull off a successful move while dealing with everyday life? Give yourself a break by hiring professional packers. Cheap Movers Minneapolis helps you find a reputable, full-service moving company that offers affordable packing and unpacking services. You can either add it to your moving package or purchase standalone. Request free quotes today!

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If you want to protect your stuff and save space while moving, you need to ensure proper packing. A moving truck encounters all kinds of rough conditions while on the road, and sometimes a lack of packing experience can result in irreparable damage. You can save yourself the misery of broken valuables by hiring a moving company to pack and secure your belongings. Our network of qualified Minneapolis moving professionals offer the following services:

Full Packing

When preparing to move, you simply may not have the time, skills or energy to properly pack. By hiring a full-service packing service, you can focus on enjoying your move while your packing and unpacking needs are skillfully handled from start to finish.

Partial Packing

For the most part, packing is a straightforward, though time-consuming, process. When it comes to bulky or breakable possessions, however, it’s best to leave it to the pros. These type of household goods require special attention and packing techniques to ensure safe delivery. If you’re on a tight budget, a partial packing service can also provide great savings. Request this service when in need of assistance preparing certain items.

Packing/Crating Antiques/Art/Collectibles

It takes extra care to transport artwork, antiques and other valued keepsakes. From oil paintings to porcelain, you shouldn’t have to leave your prized possessions to chance. It pays to hire packing specialists who can box and crate your most cherished possessions.

Furniture Disassembly/Reassembly

Furniture is unwieldy. To safely transport it, items like tables and beds must be disassembled and tied down on a moving truck. Packers can help you make easy work of taking apart large items at your old place and reassembling them at your new home. No need to overwork yourself!

Packing For Storage

When storing your stuff, you don’t want to carelessly toss it into storage. By enlisting packing professionals who are experts at making efficient use of storage capacity, you can save time, space, and money while ensuring your belongings are securely stowed away.


Let’s face it, unpacking can be a nightmare. What may have seemed like an easy task beforehand could become an uphill battle once you get to your new place, especially if you are exhausted or don’t have the time to do it. A full-service moving company can alleviate your stress with an unpacking service.

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Expert Packing Tips For Moving With Ease

In a perfect world, packing would be simple. You’d be able to quickly sort through household items, box your belongings with skill and confidence, and not have to worry about life getting in the way. Not to mention there wouldn’t be any anxiety, back pain or emotional turmoil while going through the process of moving. But then reality hits. Packing isn’t exactly a cake walk.

With the right strategy, however, you can make it a lot easier. Check out the following tips to stay on time and on budget:

Plan & Purge

Begin by walking through your home. Take notes on what each room contains. This will help paint a big picture of the process ahead of you. From there, you can begin to purge. Start in one room. With the idea that you’re getting rid of anything that isn’t necessary, sort through every item. You can donate or dispose of old clothes, appliances, books, toys, etc. – anything that is just taking up space. Preferably start this process 1-3 months prior to moving to allow yourself enough time to complete the process.

Prep Your Possessions

To enjoy a smooth move into your new home, you’ll want to pack different types of items accordingly. Place important documents (tax papers, photos, health records, etc.) into accessible boxes. To save on materials, pack appliances and electronics in their original packaging. Put padding underneath breakable items. When it comes to heavy stuff like books, use smaller boxes for easy lifting. Lastly, label boxes for where you want them to go in your new home.

Start Packing Early

Grab packing materials: boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, tape, etc. Once you’ve got your supplies, begin to box items you won’t need until after your move. Keep it manageable by only doing one or two boxes at a time. Avoid mixing household goods from different rooms. Make sure to use a good amount of packing paper, peanuts or wrap to ensure everything is fully protected. Apply tape on top and bottom. Clearly label every box.

Pack The Right Way

Start by packing heavier items first. To keep your goods from rattling and breaking, fill spaces with packing material or clothing. Use wardrobe boxes with built-in hangers for clothes. When packing dishware, stack it upright and avoid using newspaper to wrap china and porcelain. The ink can stain. Speaking of dishes, kitchens typically take the most time to pack, so don’t leave it to the last minute.

Handle Specialty Items With Care

Some household goods will require special attention. Avoid loading important stuff like family heirlooms and important papers onto the moving truck. Instead, transport them personally. When it comes to large electronics like a TV without its original box, you’ll need to place it in a crate. Artwork such as oil paintings will also require proper wrapping, boxing and transporting. As with china, avoid using newspaper to wrap art. Any other delicate items may require additional packing techniques as well.

Last Minute And Loading Tips

Moving day is almost here! With about a week or so left, you should be almost completely packed. Make sure to set aside a “first night” box with any personal items, medications, bedding, etc. When the movers arrive, communicate any details or instructions. For example, ask them to load boxes that you want to unpack first at the end of the truck.

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