Are you getting ready to move and freaking out about a lack of closet space in your new home? A lack of storage space can make anyone a little crazy, but there’s an easy fix for that. To overcome a lack of closet space, you have to be a bit creative. Here are 7 tactics from Minneapolis moving and storage companies for creating storage without closet space.

1. Buy a Clothing Rack

Have you ever walked into a boutique or pop-up shop? If so, you’ve probably noticed a clothing rack can hold a ton of clothing. You can invest in a commercial clothing rack or smaller racks to fit your space. The fun part about using a clothing rack is that your clothes will always be on display. You won’t have to dig for your favorite sweater, and you’ll quickly find out which items are your favorite.

2. Trade in Your Bed Frame for a Storage Platform

Most beds sit on a metal bed frame, but that’s not your only option. Sure you could shove a bunch of plastic containers under your bed, but you’ll have to pull out each box and unsnap the lid to find out what’s in there. With a platform storage bed, you can move the mattress to the side and access your clothes.

Another variation of the platform bed uses drawers in the frame. Use the drawers to store your clothes, and you won’t even notice you don’t have a closet.

3. Buy a Wardrobe

If you don’t have a closet, you can create one with a wardrobe. A wardrobe is a chest with a clothing rack. Usually, it has a few drawers as well. Adding a wardrobe to your new home can add a dash of style while allowing you to store your clothing as well easily.

4. Create a Closed Off Space

Instead of a closet, you can create a closed-off space in your bedroom or other room to store your clothes. The area can also be used for dressing. The easiest way to do this is to hang a curtain. Install racks or store a clothing rack and shoe rack behind the curtain. You can get dressed back there, store your cleaned clothes, and keep your hamper hidden too.

5. Show Off Your Shoes

If you’ve used one of the tips above to overcome your lack of closet space for your clothes, you might still be looking for a way to neatly store your shoes. One clever way is to find a display that allows your shoes to become part of the decor. You probably have tons of cute shoes that you don’t wear that often, so putting them on display keeps them in pristine condition and lets you enjoy them – even when you aren’t wearing them. One cute idea is to find an old trellis or ladder. Place the shoes on the object and let them become part of the decor.

6. Take Advantage of Unused Space

Are you thinking of buying a decorative chair or statue to fill up the unused space in your living room? Skip that and install a bar instead. Use the bar to hang your favorite clothes on or your go-to coats. It will resolve your closet issues and puts your best pieces on display.

7. Install a Coat Rack

Coats can take up a ton of space in a closet anyway, so why bother. Instead, hang a decorative coat rack near the entryway door. The rack will serve two purposes. One, it gives you a convenient place to hang your coats, and it also looks good too.

There you have it, seven tactics to overcome the dreaded lack of closet space. Remember, it’s easy to create space wherever you need it. Sometimes, you have to get a bit creative and use your imagination when necessary.

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