Moving to a new apartment can be a hectic and stressful experience, but some apps can make this experience far less hectic and stressful. Here are some of the best ones Minneapolis apartment movers recommend using when you are getting ready to move to a new apartment:


You probably want to keep track of your belongings during your move. This is why you should download Sortly. This app lets you take pictures of all your important possessions with your mobile device, and then it lets you categorize them.

Before you move, you can use the app to assign your belongings to specific boxes. You can even print out QR labels for the boxes. Then, after you have moved, scan the labels with the app, and it will tell you exactly what is in each box.


One of the more difficult tasks associated with moving into a new apartment is deciding how to fill all that space. But this can be a lot easier if you use MagicPlan. This app lets you plan out your rooms.

It does this by guiding you through the rooms of your current home. There you take pictures, which the apps use to determine measurements of your furnishings. It then lets you virtually place these furnishings in your new apartment to see how you want to arrange things before you even move in.


Are you trying to find the best mover for the best price? Then, you should try Unpakt. This app will allow you to find great moving companies in your area, and it will provide you with guaranteed quotes.

With the app, you can create an adaptable inventory list, which will show you just how much it will cost to move a particular item. It also allows you to compare moving companies, not just based on price but also on customer reviews. Finally, when you book your move through them, you do not have to pay until two days before your move, and you can cancel any time before then.


One of the things that makes moving so hectic and stressful is that there are so many things you must do, and this can be overwhelming. This is why you need Wunderlist, which lets you easily create and manage a moving checklist.

With this app you can do the following:

  • Add to-do tasks to your checklist along with due dates, and you can set reminders for them. 
  • Add subtasks to tasks, and you can also add notes and documents. 
  • You can share the checklist with others 
  • You can access the list from any computing device


Moving to a new apartment is a great time to declutter, and you can do this with OfferUp. This app lets you sell your unwanted furnishings. This means not only do you not have to move them, but you can make money from them, too. You can even buy someone else’s gently used items for your new apartment.

Of course, the best resource when you’re moving is Cheap Movers Minneapolis. We help you connect with licensed, local moving companies in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Compare rates and go with a mover that works for your schedule and budget.

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