Buyers that are searching for family neighborhoods base their criteria on the cost of living, the school system, amenities for young families, and whether the area has a low crime rate. Although Minneapolis consists of 81 distinct neighborhoods, each is a unique community with a diverse population. If you’re moving to Minneapolis, here are some of the city’s most popular neighborhoods that are ideal for young families with children.


Whittier is one of the most diverse and affordable neighborhoods in Minneapolis. The district is one of the city’s most historic and features older homes, many of which are being renovated. One section of the neighborhood features more than 50 ethnic restaurants. You’ll also find a lot of unique shops. Whittier is the home to two of the city’s famous art and design colleges. Most of the housing is multi-family homes; however, Stevens Avenue features many renovated Victorian homes.

Loring Park

Loring Park is a sustainable neighborhood that’s ideal for families. Approximately 8,000 people call Loring Park home. The neighborhood features older, historic houses and newer condo developments. The district is close to the downtown area and within walking distance of good restaurants and stores. The Loring Greenway is a green space with trails, picnic areas, and an ice rink. The park connects to the Nicollet Mall. The area is the locale for many concerts and festivals.

Northeast Minneapolis

Northeast Minneapolis was once an area of industrial warehouses that have been renovated to house studios for 400 local artists. The neighborhood is home to some of the city’s most excellent delis and restaurants. Many families with children live in the area which is vibrant with culture and history. Contemporary-style lofts, as well as homes constructed during the latter part of the 19th-century, are available.


Ericsson is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Minneapolis. The median home price is $238,000, making it an excellent choice for young families. Coffee shops, restaurants, stores, and the Downtown area are all easily accessible. The neighborhood is nestled between Minnehaha Falls and Lake Hiawatha. Many of the homes are bungalows. Nearby Minnehaha Parkway features a lot of trails for weekend walks.

Linden Hills

The lovely village of Linden Hills between Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet is a walkable neighborhood with easily accessible shopping districts and parks for weekend outings. The community gets its name from the many hills on which homes are built. Many of the modest, single-family homes are Craftsman-style. Linden Hills is one of the most charming of the Minneapolis residential areas. Families love the small town feel of this area that features a lot of shops that are owned by residents.

Although Minneapolis is a large, metropolitan area, the neighborhoods are distinctive and evoke history and regional culture. Many family neighborhoods have a charming, small-town atmosphere with an array of restaurants, entertainment, beautiful lakes and parks, bike paths, and walking trails.

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