One of the many challenges which come with moving from one place to another is that you will have to find new utility companies which are closer and more convenient for you. Sometimes, when you do not have anyone to guide you in the process, you may end up feeling disoriented and suffering from lack of utilities for days. If you are new in Minneapolis, you do not need to worry at all because this is the most comprehensive list of utility providers and how you can start service with each of them.

Electric Utility Companies

There are three primary electric utility companies in Minnesota, and all of them have representation in Minneapolis.

  • Minnesota Power: The company is located at 30 West Superior Street Duluth, MN. You can reach them through 218.722.2641  
  • Otter Tail Power Company: This company is located on 215 South Cascade Street, Fergus Falls Minnesota. If you are moving anywhere close to Fergus Falls, this is the most convenient power company for you. You can call them on 218.739.8200.  
  • Xcel Energy: This company is located on 414 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis. They serve the greater Minneapolis area and are the most convenient electric company if you move within the city limits.

Natural Gas Companies

There are several companies which supply natural gas in Minneapolis.

  • Xcel Energy: In addition to electricity, Xcel Energy also supplies natural gas. You can have the company make both connections for you, which will make it simple to handle all issues related to billing.

Other options that you may want to consider include the following:

  • CenterPoint Energy: The address for this company is 800 La Salle Avenue floor 11. If you are not able to pay them a physical visit, you can call them at 612.372.4664 and ask about their rates and tariffs.  
  • Great Plains Natural Gas Company: This is the second gas supplier in Minneapolis. They are located on 705 W Fir Avenue, Fergus Falls, Minneapolis, and you can reach them at 877.267.4764.  
  • Great Minnesota Gas: They are located on 202 South Main Street, Minneapolis. You can reach them to start service at 888.931.3411  
  • The Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation: They are located at 2665 145th Street West, Rosemount, Minnesota. They offer home services and call before you dig assistance to their customers. Their customer service number is 1.800.889.9508, but you can check their website for more numbers to call depending on your specific needs.

These are some of the main utility companies that you can contact in Minneapolis. Each of the companies also has a website. Take your time to compare rates before you pick your providers. The process of setting up utility service with them is simple. You can either call them through the numbers provided or visit them at their location. They will come to your home and assess the infrastructure that has been laid down before they can start their process. Most of the companies also respond to electric and gas emergencies and will be available to handle your issues around the clock.

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