Going away to freshman year of college is such an exciting time – especially if you’re going to the University of Minnesota! As a Future Gopher, you might be not sure of what, or even how, you need to pack up and get here.  

It’s true, packing up your room to move it all to college can be stressful, especially when you think about all of the items that aren’t even in your room, like dishes or a bike lock. Don’t stress; we’ve got a quick guide from Minneapolis’ best moving companies to make your packing day as painless as possible!  

1. List Your Essentials

Before you even begin to pack and can be super handy to have a list already started. You could even begin it a week or two ahead of time, making notes of what you need and use less frequently that could potentially be easy to forget.  

You want to personalize your list and think about it ahead of time, but you can also use checklists provided by helpful sites like DormSmart or Collegeboard.  

2. Know What Your Campus Provides and Prohibits

The University of Minnesota has a super helpful checklist of what they think you might need! It also has a list of prohibited items. Some of them are obvious, but others you may not be sure of ahead of time – such as candles, or hoverboards!  

Make sure to check it out before packing up and hitting the road. While we have necessities and conveniences that you’ll probably want to bring, it still helps to make your list of those items that are important to you.  

3. Get Your Gear

There are so many more options than just cardboard boxes and packing tape these days! Plastic storage bins can save you tons of time, and you may even want to keep one or two around in the dorm. Underbed storage bins are just fantastic – not just for literally storing things under your bed, but they are great for transporting your items as well!  

Pro tip: Get a few rolls of Saran wrap for packing! This could save you from having to take DVDs out of shelves, or jewelry out of boxes. It also comes in pretty handy when you’re wrapping up any delicate items you may be bringing, such as breakable dishes – the Saran wrap will help keep newspaper or other packing material tight around your valuables.  

4. Tips and Tricks for Packing Time

Once you have done all of your prep work, it’s time to get down to business. The wardrobe can be the trickiest part to pack, so a lot of students might start there.  

5. Wardrobe Prep

We have a few tips to remember when packing your wardrobe. First of all, only pack for the upcoming season. It may be hot now, but if you don’t find yourself back home before the snow falls, be prepared! Remember comfortable shoes and clothes but be sure to have a nice job interview or networking outfit on hand if you need it.  

Neutral colors and layering are your best friend, to increase your number of versatile outfits. Another handy tip is to leave your hanging clothes where they are – on hangers. Organize them by style or color, and group them into short stacks. Then, cut a hole in the bottom of a trash bag and slip the top of the hanger through it for easy transport.  

6. Gather Your Bedding

This is going to be pretty easy if you bought new bedding, especially if it comes in a tight bag. If not, put your sheets right in the pillowcases. For your pillows, these can be used as padding for packing your items; otherwise, store them in plastic bags that allow you to squeeze the air out.  

7. Pack Smart

Be creative while getting everything together! Pack a purse full of your other purses, a backpack full of school supplies, or stuff socks into your shoes. Fill up everything you can!  

8. Keep the Car Organized

You’ll want to have a system for unpacking when you get there – the sooner you unpack, the sooner you get to explore campus and meet new people! A lot of experienced packers like to get everything outside to the car, before putting anything in it.  

This is a great way to visualize how you can “Tetris” the car! Remember to keep heavier or larger items on the bottom, and leave softer items to use as cushioning or in tight spaces. Pack a few snacks, and you’re ready to hit the road!

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